Audi has always been one of the industry leaders when it comes to the use of technology in its high-class automobiles. This German automaker is currently hard at work on new gadgets and tools to improve safety, efficiency, and entertainment. Primary goals include pushing for a greater use of electricity, lightening the vehicles, and creating new levels of information and entertainment for drivers. The following are five technologies that will improve the experience of driving these prestige cars. Some are slated to be added to new models in the year to come, while others are on the more distant horizon.

Self-Parking Technology
You can already find an electronic parking assistant feature on certain models of the A4 and A6, but Audi plans to take this feature to the next level with their Garage Parking Pilot. Although this technology is most likely several years away, the idea is that the car will be able to interact with local wireless networks within parking garages. This digital framework will allow hands-free parking into an available space, and a corresponding app will allow you to simply pick up your car at the entrance to the garage when you are finished shopping.
Wireless Charging Capabilities
Audi is developing a new fully electric model, and to cope with one of the greatest criticisms of electric cars, they are working on wireless charging capabilities. Drivers won’t have to struggle to find a plug-in point, but instead can charge anywhere. Alternating currents from coils installed in the ground will help create a magnetic field with a corresponding coil mounted in the vehicle. This should theoretically work in any climate. Green car reviews of hybrid or fully electric vehicles could push Audi to the top.

Organic LED Lighting
Although Audi already offers full LED lighting, they plan to take this a step further with OLED, or organic light emitting diodes. This technology can already be seen in smartphones, making lighting more efficient and lightweight than traditional LED lighting. This technology could be used in vehicles for purposes ranging from interior lights to display screens, and is not too far off in Audi’s future.
New Lightweight Materials
Always on the hunt to cut down on the weight of their vehicles, Audi is combining hybrid materials for a new, lightweight chassis. Aluminium is currently employed in the car designs, but the next step is to combine this with carbon fibre reinforced plastic. This will reduce weight while making the car stronger and more durable at the same time.
Improved Infotainment Touchpad

You can expect vehicles to move more in the direction of smartphones and tablets in the years to come in terms of their control systems. The Audi Touchpad is already featured in the A8 model, giving drivers an easy way to control the car’s information and entertainment systems. This will be enhanced with voice controls and a greater level of feedback for a full sensory experience that doesn’t jeopardize driver safety.
These are just five of the latest ways that Audi is planning on bringing its fleet of vehicles into the future, for a more convenient and pleasurable driving experience.
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