The BMW 3 series Gran Turismo is certainly not a pretty sight, with it’s large nose and enormous back, it is certainly one of the strangest looking luxury vehicles available in the market. However, it is still usable with a hatchback design, and has slightly more interior room than the regular BMW 3 series. However, it looks like Audi might actually be the one to step up to challenge to the car that no one asked for. This car is reportedly known as the Audi A4 Vario and would be based on a modified version of the long-wheel base Audi A4 which is only sold in the Chinese market. Of course in comparison to the regular Audi A4, this vehicle would be longer, wider, and ride higher as well in the same way the BMW 3 series GT does the same thing.

2015 Audi A4 Vario

While I certainly question Audi getting into this market, I see it’s appeal. Audi would be touting it as a family friendly version of the A4 for those that want SUV utility with sporty driving characteristics. There are many people who don’t want to leave the car format, but have to because there is not enough space available. Audi might be seeing a future market that has yet to evolve and become mature yet. Looking back at car’s of the past, history has shown that there are many unknown successes that pop out of nowhere. Take for example, the Lexus RX, which was considered by many to be the first crossover SUV ever sold. Crossover’s today, are sold all over the world and have become the fastest growing segment in the US market. Audi’s sales of their own Q3 and Q5 show that this trend is here to stay for some time. Audi A4 Vario might be going to become another success from base range.

Another example of an unknown success, was the Mercedes CLS, which was always considered to be good looking, but many complained it wasn’t as usable as say, the Mercedes E-Class because the form factor limited head room and has worse blind spots. Despite those complaints, consumers still bought the CLS at an impressive rate and even brought competitors from other brands. The Audi A7, VW Passat CC, and the BMW 6 series Gran Turismo all moved into this respective market, to hope on capitalizing the same success that the Mercedes saw with their CLS. So even though I don’t see the appeal, there may be many people out there who do, and for that specific reason, I cannot fault Audi at all for trying to move into new territory.