As we discussed earlier in the year, Audi was working on a new navigation assistance that would shows you which parking spots are available, and where to go on the GPS to get empty parking. Audi has now taken that technology ever further, then we could have imagined. Audi is now developing a parking system known as piloted parking, that does two interesting things, one Audi is making a system where instead of paying with coins at a parking meter, the parking meter would actually be able to communicate with your phone and car in order to make a payment. It does not state how this would be done, but it most likely will be done through a technology that is similar to NFC, or some type of virtual payment system through either your bank or credit card.

2013 Audi Piloted Parking

The next parking innovation is the real spectacle however, and that is the new system that actually allows you to go into a parking garage, get out of your car, and then the car parks by itself in an empty parking spot. The directions on where to park would actually come directly from the garage itself. A trick like this must employ some type of laser guided radars, in order to reach the parking spot successfully. This can actually be a very large benefit, especially if you are in a situation where you need to get to a building or a location quickly, you can just stop, get out of your car and let your car do the rest. This is truly the future of parking for all vehicles, and has convenience that far exceeds using a valet parker who ,may accidentally, damage your vehicle.

While on paper it might seem like something that is gimmicky, I can see where Audi is going with this. Many years ago, Adaptive front lighting system, was looked at as a joke as many people felt that it didn’t help the driver. However, after the benefits were realized many automakers started implementing Adaptive front lighting system, in many of their cars. It allows your cars headlight to see around a corner before the car turns. Another technology that many didn’t think would take off but it did was lane departure warning, which sounds off a warning when you are drifting into another lane. This can help the driver if they are drunk, or if they get fatigued, many cars now actually will guide you back into the lane automatically. Audi has in typical fashion, has shown another world class technology, and we cannot wait to see it in real time use.