The Audi A4, the most popular car that the brand currently makes is getting ready for a next generation redesign. After a nice extensive refresh for the 2013 model year, we are only two to three model years away from seeing the next generation car. The current B8 Audi A3 came out for the 2009 model year and has not only been the best A4 ever, but has easily been the best selling Audi A4 ever as well. Reports that have surfaced indicated that the new vehicle will be longer than the current model, no surprise as every generation of A4 has up-sized over it’s previous iteration. Also, with the upcoming Audi A3, the Audi A4 will definitely have to go up in size once again. The report also states that the vehicle would be over 200 pounds lighter, which is quite a feat considering the Audi A4 is already one of the lightest cars in its class. The Audi S4 version was also rumored with reports that the 3.0T supercharged motor will still be in once again, except this time it will be at 340HP.

2015 Audi A4

The current Audi S4 already has 333HP and is a rocket with that much power. 7 more HP might seem small but when you consider that the vehicle is over 200 pounds lighter, the car should feel like it has over 360HP and with it’s Quattro AWD commanding this ship it should not be much of a problem. The 2015 Audi A4 also should have a plug in hybrid version which is starting to become popular in the world of automotive vehicles. We already currently have a Audi Q5 hybrid, so there is a high probability that we will see a traditional hybrid version as well. The problem with hybrids have always been he price premium and the fact that the added weight gives a hit to the vehicles performance.

2015 Audi A4 Backlight

However, over time hybrid technology has been improving quite drastically. Years ago, many Hybrid cars used nickle-cadium batteries, now automakers are moving over to Lithium Ion batteries which not only give a much farther range, but the batteries are also substantially lighter which will improve both fuel economy and performance. Two areas that Hybrids have been discuss the most, fuel economy because that’s one of the primary selling points of Hybrids and performance, an area that has been negatively discussed with hybrids, so this move over to lithium Ion batteries should yield some very positive results in the long run.