2013 Audi A6 vs Subaru BRZ

2013 Audi A6 vs Subaru BRZ Are you looking for a high quality coupe or family sedan? The 2013 Audi A6 Prestige is a top contender. But how does it measure up to the sporty 2-door Subaru BRZ Limited coupe? Both are sporty, fun to drive, and offer excellent security and safety features. They both have been listed on the "Best New Cars of 2013" list at about.com. Yet they differ in several ways. Take a look at how these two mid-range luxury cars measure [more]

Audi RS6 Avant vs Mercedes E-63 AMG Wagon

Audi RS6 Avant vs Mercedes E-63 AMG WagonGuys, we are today comparing the two high profile contenders in the sedan category; the one is the Audi RS6 Avant and the other is Mercedes E-63 AMG Wagon(Ahh, My God; Well that's not it's actual meaning). First up, we have the Audi RS6 which is powered by a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 good for 552HP and 516 lb-ft of torque. The second challenger the Mercedes E63 AMG is powered by a 5.5L twin-turbo V8 and is good for 518HP and [more]

2012 Jaguar XF Sportbrake vs The 2014 Audi Q7

2012 Jaguar XF Sportbrake vs The 2014 Audi Q7The 2.2-litre, four-cylinder Peugeot/Citroën/Ford-designed turbo diesel accounts for the majority of sales of 2012 Jaguar XF Sportbrake. It has been specially built to Jaguar's specifications including a new oil sump, and sound-deadening covers for the top of the engine and timing chest. The new start-stop system monitors 75 inputs including differences between cabin and exterior temperatures and battery condition before determining whether to operate. There's a clever control of the starter pinion and a second battery to speed restarts, while [more]

The 2013 Audi S7 Vs The 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG

The 2013 Audi S7 Vs The 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG is perhaps not entirely fair to say that the C63 is the first AMG C-class to be thoroughly and comprehensively re-engineered to suit its market, because both the C32 and C55 were excellent cars. So while the 6.3-litre V8 engine very much remains the centerpiece of the car, it’s no longer the dominant factor. The engine itself, claims AMG, develops around 30 per cent more torque than any other rival in the marketplace. So while the [more]

Audi A7 Sportback 3.0T vs BMW 640i Gran Coupe

Audi A7 Sportback 3.0T vs BMW 640i Gran CoupeWe have two nice contenders here. Not only are they both expensive premium "4 door coupes" but the styling leaves people with their mouths open anytime these cars, pass them on the road. They both are also powered by force induction motors, one with a supercharger and the other with a turbocharger. They share the same German heritage, and virtually the same prestige, so let's take a look at these two sexy beasts. First, we have the Audi A7 Sportback [more]

650HP Audi Quattro concept coming back to Frankfurt

650HP Audi Quattro concept coming back to FrankfurtMany people considered the Audi Quattro Concept a couple of years back at the Paris Motor show, to be a home run for Audi, and rightfully so. It was a good looking car, that showed the direction the brand was going to head into down the road. It used styling of the current Audi, and a mixture of styling ideas that Audi was looking at implementing down the road. One thing was for sure with the styling: it was definitely [more]



The new Audi Turbo Direct Injection (TDI) Technology has broken several international records. Audi manufacturers have come up with some of the fastest and most powerful of the diesel-powered cars. Audi A2, A4 and A8 are a few of the Audi TDI Engine models released in the market, recently. This has also broken, several British and international speed records.

Audi TDI


The records were mostly set by an A4 1.9 TDI, an A2 1.4 TDI and an A8 3.3 TDI at Millbrook in England. Tony Goodwin and Angus Hamilton are experienced British speed record drivers who drove all these three vehicles. They qualified in all the1500-2000cc (A4), 1100-1500cc (A2), and 3000-5000cc (A8) diesel classes. They set 39 British and 11 international records. Average speeds were109.21 mph for the A2, 128.94 mph for A4 and 149.72 mph for the A8.


Audi is well recognized as a leader in design, development and also sale of diesel powered engines. More than 50% of all vehicles sold every year are diesel powered. Audi is a leading brand among them. Audi TDI Engine is the right combination of efficiency with sportiness and superior amount of luxury. Audi TDI protects all resources and suits all sorts of future cars.

Audi TDI engine

Audi is planning to produce the cleanest of diesel engines in the world. Audi Q7 TDI 3.0 is popular for its very low emission level. This technology (Audi A3 TDI® 2.0) was initially being available in the USA. Clean diesel power is beyond just an engine technology. It also provides ample opportunity to reduce dependence on foreign oil, helps countering global warming.


It has been 20 years since Audi TDI is making the experience of driving a diesel car exceptional. Audi has always been the pioneer in the operation of turbocharged diesel engines with direct injection. There are several reasons why Audi TDI is perfect for high performance and efficiency. But, there are several other reasons too. Superior performance on all levels is the priority of all Audi TDI engines. It is judged in real world environment. TDI has proved its superiority in all categories including, public opinion.

 The video above shows how the TDI engine is assembled and tested in the factory.

The first TDI engine was released in 1989. Its demand only increased among diesel car lovers. Later on, Audi Company needed to equip half of its manufactured cars with this amazing technology. After all, half of the new cars manufactured in Europe are diesel-powered.

Below is the video of the R10 TDI engine that is sure to raise your senses.

The modern Audi TDI engines use three different types of injection systems: radial-piston injection pump in the six-cylinder engines, pump-injector in the three and four-cylinder units and common rail in the flagship Audi 3.3-litre eight-cylinder unit.

The production figure reflects the success of innovative TDI technology. 260,000 Audi cars get equipped with TDI engine every year, which is approximately 40 percent of the overall production.


The modern new clean diesel TDI variants are widely accepted around the world, mainly due to their unique characteristics. These characteristics also include outstanding performance, low-emissions output, high fuel-efficiency and low-maintenance. A3 TDI 2.0, Q7 TDI 3.0, R10 V12 TDI are the examples of a few really good Audi TDI Engines.



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